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Analysis, Synthesis and Design of Chemical Process 4/e

지은이 :  Turton
발행일 :  2013 년
ISBN :  9780132940290
:  0 원
페이지 :  965 페이지
:  4
출판사 :  Pearson

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저자 및 역자 소개
1. Diagrams for Understanding Chemical Processes
2. The Structure and Synthesis of Process Flow Diagrams
3. Batch Processing
4. Chemical Product Design
5. Tracing Chemicals through the Process Flow Diagram
6. Understanding Process Conditions
7. Estimation of Capital Costs
8. Estimation of Manufacturing Costs
9. Engineering Economic Analysis
10. Profitability Analysis
11. Utilizing Experience-Based Principles to Confirm the Suitability of a Process Design
12. Synthesis of the PFD from the Generic BFD
13. Synthesis of a Process Using a Simulator and Simulator Troubleshooting
14. Process Optimization
15. Pinch Technology
16. Advanced Topics Using Steady-State Simulators
17. Using Dynamic Simulators in Process Design
18. Regulation and Control of Chemical Processes with Applications Using Commercial Software
19. Process Input/Output Models
20. Tools for Evaluating Process Performance
21. Performance Curves for Individual Unit Operations 
22. Performance of Multiple Unit Operations
23. Reactor Performance
24. Process Troubleshooting and Debottlenecking
25. Ethics and Professionalism
26. Health, Safety, and the Environment
27. Green Engineering 
28. Teamwork