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Biochemistry: The molecular basis of life 6/e

지은이 :  McKee
발행일 :  2016 년
ISBN :  9780190209957
:  0 원
페이지 :  840 페이지
:  6
출판사 :  Oxford

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Modern Biophysical Chemistry: Detection and Analysis of Biomolecules
Real World Drug Discovery


Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life, International Sixth Edition, offers deeper coverage of the chemistry of reactions while emphasizing the relationship between biochemistry and human biology.

New to this edition

  • Increased depth of chemical explanation and emphasis on the chemistry of reactions.
  • An enhanced supplements program including a significantly revised test bank and a new animations guide
  • Updated content including new discussions of RNA interference, epigenetics, metabolic regulation, and proteostatis
  • New Biochemistry in Perspective boxes on carcinogenesis and biomimetic photosynthesis
  • New End-of-Chapter Review Questions, featuring the most robust and complete set of review problems of any text
  • More than fifty new illustrations
저자 및 역자 소개

Trudy McKee, Immaculate College

James R. McKee, University of the Sciences Philadelphia

1: Biochemistry: an introduction
2: Living cells
3: Water: the matrix of life
4: Energy
5: Amino acids, peptides and proteins
6: Enzymes
7: Carbohydrates
8: Carbohydrate metabolism
9: Aerobic metabolism I: the citric acid cycle
10: Aerobic metabolism II: electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation
11: Lipids and membranes
12: Lipid metabolism
13: Photosynthesis
14: Nitrogen metabolism I: synthesis
15: Nitrogen metabolism II: degradation
16: Integration of metabolism
17: Nucleic acids
18: Genetic information
19: Protein synthesis