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Medical Applications of Mass Spectrometry

지은이 :  Vekey
발행일 :  2008 년
ISBN :  9780444519801
:  46,000 원
페이지 :  605 페이지
:  1판
출판사 :  Elsevier

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Principles of Biochemistry
Biochemistry: An Integrative Approach, 1st Edition, International Adaptation

저자 및 역자 소개
1. Introduction
2. Basics of Analytical Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry for Medical
3. Ethical, Legal, Safety and Scientific Aspects of Medical Research
4. Biomedical Sampling
5. Separation Methods
6. Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation and Techniques
7. Cheminformatics: Multivariate Mathematical-Statistical Methods for Data
8. Mass Spectrometry in Proteomics
9. De novo Sequencing of Peptides
10. Protein Bioinformatics
11. Analysis of Complex Lipidomes
12. Medical Laboratory Practice: Possibilities for Mass Spectrometry
13. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Measurement of Drug Concentrations Using Mass Spectrometry
14. Mass Spectrometry of Infectious Pathogens
15. Proteomics of Viruses
16. Neonatal Research
17. Application of Mass Spectrometry in Oncology
18 Application of Mass Spectrometry in Brain Research: Neurotransmitters, Neuropeptides and Brain Proteins
19. The Human Pituitary Proteome: Clinical Applications
20. Mass Spectrometry of Proteinous Allergens in Ducing Human Diseases
21. Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Treatment
22. Biomarker Discovery
23. Molecular Imaging by Mass Spectrometry
24. Brief Outlook